Dear Hiker,


Thank you for your interest in the new Khomas Hochland Hiking Trail (KHHT) and different weekend

hiking trails, which are in the heart of Namibia, just north-west of the capital, Windhoek.

The long KHHT is a product of the Windhoek Greenbelt Landscape farmers and this again is the result

of a Namibian pilot project of NAMPLACE. The trail has been built by the farmers, aided and supported

by the South African Hiking expert Mr. Albert Bossert, president of HOSA.(Hiking Organisation South

Africa) It has been tested by some members of SA hiking clubs and been awarded with the Green Flag

Accreditation - a South African quality tag. Both reports can be seen on our website.

Central reservations and bookings are managed by Düsternbrook Guestfarm on behalf of Windhoek

Greenbelt Landscape.


You can find latest updates and pictures on our Facebook page.

There are various options for hiking:

 4 day Hike ( 53 km) or 4 nights

 6 day Hike (91 km ) or 6 nights

 Various weekend trails on Farms



For more information of the different trails go to our website and look under the different farms: Monte

Christo, Godeis and Düsternbrook. You can make direct bookings or central bookings from our central

reservation office.




The 4 Day and 6 Day Hike both start and finish at start Farm Düsternbrook, however the 4 day Hike can

also start and finish on Farm Godeis.

Hiking will be offered on backpack or slack pack basis.

Number of hikers: Minimum 3 and maximum 12 hikers (due to size of campsites).

‘Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine

flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy,

while cares will drop off like autumn leaves. As age comes on, one source of enjoyment after

another is closed, but Nature's sources never fail. ~John Muir’

Looking forward to meet you on our blissful hiking trails.







1. Back Pack:

You carry everything yourself. Costs cover camping and the hiking fee. We do supply at the campsite:

drinking water, wood, a pot, pan and a kettle.

2. Slack packing Transfer

We will drive your main backpack, food, matrasses, sleeping bag, water etc. from campsite to

campsite. You only have to carry your small daily daypack with you.

Costs are calculated per transfer from campsite to campsite and divided amongst the hikers.

3. All-inclusive Slack packing:

Consists of the following : a camping fee, hiking fee, a matrass, water and wood at the campsite, a pot,

pan and a kettle. Plus food: +/-200 gram of meat, +/- 200 gram of vegetables, four slices of bread. For

In vegetarians +/- 350 gram of vegetables. Excluded: breakfast and hiking nutrition, transfers.

Each farmer provides the food at their own discretion. For example: homemade bread, Oryx or Kudu

or lamb meat. A choice of vegetables will be available and is communicated with reservation. Any

other extras can be bought but need to be communicated with reservation. If you have no backpack

for your extra food or personal items we supply you with a standard ammo camping box.

4. Shelter

Campsites are open and covered by a roof only. There is running water with toilets and showers. Wood

is supplied for ‘donkey’ water heating system, some campsites use solar power. Explanation: In

southern Africa a warm water system where you make fire under a water tank is called ‘donkey’. Each

campsite will also have a kettle, pot and pan and sufficient drinking water.

5. Trail and Marker:

The trail is well signposted with an Oryx spoor and different signboards. It has been successfully

trialled by members of SA hiking clubs. It is NOT an easy walk!! The trail follows into the Khomas

Hochland mountains and through valleys with beautiful views and game to see. You have to be fit.

See report and pictures on our website:



6. Indemnity:


Indemnity has to be signed by each hiker before the start of their hike. Heavy rains result in flash

floods, which make it dangerous to hike this trail. In this case the owners reserve the right to cancel

hiking on that specific part of the trail. During winter (May, June, July, August) there is normally no

rain. September, October, November, December is our so-called small rainy season with occasional

showers. January, February, March and April is our main rain season. Checking the weather report is

essential .Parents have to look after their children all the time as in nature and there is all kind of




7. Rules & Regulations:


All rules and regulations as set out by KHHT must be strictly adhered to. Failure to do so will result in

removal from the trail at the hikers own expense. Download from the website.

1. Reservation & Payment:

Reservation is only confirmed if a non-refundable down payment of 20% of the total costs has been

received. Full payment is due no later than 30 days before the hiking date.

2. Mode of Payment:

Credit card (Master, Visa) or bank transfer EFT. Proof of payment must be emailed to per pdf attachment. No cheque accepted. All optional extra expenses with

the farmers only on CASH basis.

3. Tour Operators:

No STO prices. You have to add your service fees on top of the prices quoted below.

4. Child Policy:

KHHT ( 90 km and 53 km) minimum age: 12 years. No reduced prices for kids.

Weekend trails: no minimum age but children MUST be in company of parents at all times.



Please Note:


This is NOT an easy hiking trail!! The trail has a few big and steep inclines/declines,

some moderate to difficult rock scrambling and rocky paths. Extensive use of hands

is required. The paths are on some steep grounds and sometimes near the edge of

small cliffs. Those with a fear of heights will feel uncomfortable. Significant

sustained physical exertion will be experienced and moderate to high levels of

fitness are a prerequisite to complete the KHHT.

Hiking Prices (Valid 1.6.2015 until 30.11.2015)

Day hike - Adults: N$ 60.00 per/person

Day Hike- Children 4-12 years N$ 30.00 pp ( 3 years and under are free)

Weekend trail: N$ 195.00 per night and person

Long trail back pack (4 or 6 days): N$ 195.00 per/night and person

Long trail slack pack transfer only N$ 700.00 per/car and night

Long trail slack pack (All inclusive): N$ 325.00 per/person/night

Other Extra Services:

Matrasses: N$ 20.00 per/person and night

Sleeping bag: N$ 30.00 per/person and night

Basic igloo tent for two persons : N$ 50.00 per/tent and night

Extra Wood: N$ 45.00 per bag of about 10Kg

Transfer from the airport (one way): N$ 1200.00 max 4 persons per car



Herzlich willkommen auf Monte Christo, unsere Jagd und Gästefarm in Namibia, Afrika.




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